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The Plant Nursery Project

Good things can be born out of a pandemic. From economic hardships, comes ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Disruption of supply forces self-sustenance. Lack of access to food compels individuals to cultivate their own land. And while many businesses close indefinitely, community aide programs spring up in multitudes providing help where it is needed. The Plant Nursery Project was born out of the crisis addressing food security from the ground up.

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Tattoos, Mindanaoan Art, and Old Siargao with Iñigo Jaldon

"There are so many quirky stories and extraordinary experiences to share - but it would take a novella. One thing’s for sure though, I would never experience these things and meet the people I met if I chose to live anywhere else. I owe a lot to the locals as well, they helped me out in numerous ways like through clients, food, and company. They might not know it, but I learned a lot just by being around them. Their survivor mentality, their simple ways, and the privilege to live the surfing lifestyle was, and is still for me the best quality life one could live. We were prepared to live simply for the rest of our lives."

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Inside and Out

Take a look at yourself. What do you see? Is it the person you think you are? In this present time while the world is healing, let’s take the opportunity to see how we are or how we’ve been doing with our practice in life. Learning with mindful-consciousness is the key to an open mind and heart.

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